Mostra fotografica di Roberta Giusti

Nell’ambito di questa mostra, abbiamo organizzato un recital di poesie con Reina Saracino, attrice e Sara Fantini, finalista più giovane al “Concorso internazionale I luoghi dell’anima” dell’Associazione licenza Poetica della Svizzera, Bellinzona.



LED Lighting

There are different types of Security lights depending on your preference and need, and they are available for a variety of applications. It is said, LED light can enhance the potential energy of skin cells, which acts directly Super bright yard led flood light on the mitochondria, so that every cell has an “energy factories.” LED blue light can play a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect to improve the surface of the skin, for a better treatment of acne and rosacea.

If you opt to master your smart-home lights implementing Wi-Fi, the time it requires your lighting to react to alterations you make in your gadget or application can differ according to just how many various other devices are likewise utilizing your Wi-Fi during those times.

And to go with all this were the depiction of Obama as a “bush doctor adorned with feathers,” as “Hitler and the mustache to go with it,” as a “monkey with large ears-tarred all over,” Wall mounted indoor led flood lights or “as shown as a ‘black person with thick red lips and big ears.’ Today in the media he is called a ‘retard” by Ann Coulter; I cannot even all the names Rush Limbaugh called Obama.

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When you visited Scotland, the tour guide may well have been right at the time e.g. hydropower was one of the prime sources of Scotland’s energy, but in the last two years (since 2015) they’ve almost doubled their Renewable Energy output; most of it now coming from wind power.

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